bridge inspection

Bridge collapse

How Advanced Technology and Robotic Engineering Can Change the Health of Our Infrastructure for the Better

As humanity has progressed, it has designed, visualized, and created many different objects that ...
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robotic post tension

Safety of Nations Infrastructure Improved With Robotic Infrastructure Inspections

New York, NY, March 27, 2018, A nation’s infrastructure is too precious and too ...
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drone inspections

How Can Bridge Inspection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Useful for the Infrastructure?

The primacy of technical superiority of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is well-known. Their ...
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Twin Sails Bridge Dorset England

Strange Bridges From Around the World

The marvel of modern technology and engineering has helped to create some of the ...
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bridge collapses

50,000 US Bridges Are Crumbling

We hear every day about our crumbling infrastructure. Bridges are in a state of ...
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new harbor bridge

Role of Bridge Inspections in Bridge Maintenance

Role Of Bridge Inspection in Bridge Maintenance A country's Bridges and roadways are its ...
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Bridge Inspection with post tension tendon robot

Impact of Deterioration of Post Tensioned Tendons in Bridges

An October 2016 report by the FDOT stated “Recent corrosion failures of post-tensioned (PT) ...
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old bridge inspection method

Infraspect Disrupts Transportation Infrastructure With Robotics to Help Save Our Nations Bridges

Introduction Infraspect has disruptive technology that will quickly replace the manual infrastructure inspections conducted ...
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robot to inspect bridge

Infraspect Saves Billions in Transportation Funding

Reprinted from Abnewswire release POSTED ON MARCH 16, 2017 Infraspect SAVES BILLIONS IN TRANSPORTATION FUNDING ...
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