Robotic Transportation Infrastructure Inspections Save Billions

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Robotic Transportation Infrastructure Inspections Save Billions.
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Infraspect was invited to present the first robotic transportation infrastructure inspections to the Transportation Research Board this week in Washington, DC, at their annual conference. These robotic inspection services will bring the Transportation inspection industry into the 21st industry and update 50-year-old inspection methods.

Finding deterioration early in an infrastructure assets life cycle allows for repairs to be made early and can help safely extend the service life of these assets. Doing so can also help avoid untimely replacements saving billions in infrastructure costs.

Rob Little, PE, Director of Engineering Services for DBI, commented, “We are extremely pleased with the results of Infraspect’s robotic cable-stay inspection system for our bridge inspections. It performed exactly as we had hoped and will be used in our future inspection cycles for the Sunshine Skyway bridge.”

By utilizing Infraspect’s robotic inspection services, inspectors will be able to perform their services in a safer environment. Inspections done at night in many states will be able to be performed during the day.  There will no longer be a need to close lanes or park a 180-foot bucket truck on a bridge during bridge inspections.  Infraspect’s tools and analytics themselves provide unprecedented accuracy and visibility to our DOT customers and will help extend the life of our valuable infrastructure assets.

“Parking a bucket truck on a bridge at night with lane closures exposes the public to an unsafe environment. The inspectors are doing the best job they can with the tools they currently have. Infraspect’s robotic inspection systems bring a better tool to the marketplace, thereby producing better results,” says Bill Seavey, CEO of Infraspect. “The same holds true for other inspection methods that were implemented years ago and have not been updated to utilize current technology.” Given the state of the nation’s infrastructure, it would make sense to start utilizing modern early-stage deterioration detection technology as a tool to detect and repair concrete and steel structures.

DOTs see the benefit of replacing these nighttime inspection methods with Infraspect’s robotic inspection systems. With the importance of infrastructure and how it affects our economy and ability to compete in world markets, it is important to use transportation funds in the most efficient manner possible. This would include conducting inspections with quantitative data that can be used to schedule repairs to extend the service life of these critical infrastructure assets.

Robotic transportation infrastructure inspectionsInfraspect uses nondestructive testing technology to assess today’s infrastructure using the latest in modern and robotic technology packaged into a complete inspection service.

Infraspect provides these services along with the required deliverables within the DOT’s current budget. This allows DOTs to utilize our technology and save billions in untimely replacements of infrastructure assets that have not been maintained properly.

Infraspect’s combination of skills, patented tools, and experience means the federal, state, and municipal governments will not only save money but have the detailed data required to help with scheduling and budgeting in order to keep our valuable infrastructure assets safe for the public.

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Infraspect is a complex bridge inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), and robotic engineering company. Infraspect utilizes advanced non-destructive testing and robotic technology to produce condition assessment reports that determine the condition and deterioration of today’s infrastructure.

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