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Bridge scan

Infraspect’s Highway Condition Assessment Inspection

BridgeScan® and roadway condition assessment inspections are designed to assess the condition of the concrete or asphalt cover and the base and sub-base within the roadway.

Deterioration level of concrete cover
Locates voids and loss of density with the fill
Locates rebar placement
Locates water intrusion
Measures cover thickness
Locates conduits, pipes and wiring
Condition of sub base within the roadway
Can provide amount of material for repairs
Can provide budgets for repairs

Post-construction assessment of concrete including gravel, re-bar placement, and cover thickness can not only assure proper construction but create a baseline for future inspections.

Infraspect’s Inspection Vehicle

A specially outfitted vehicle loaded with Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment and internal hardware and results-driven interpretation software can travel at 35 mph over the roadway and cover an average of 200 miles per day. No lane closures or heavy equipment.

Quantitative results with easily identifiable actionable items will be provided to the asset owner/department of transportation in a form that they are accustomed to.

Construction materials testing
Bridge inspection services

Infraspect’s electromagnetic GPR assessments can peer 15 feet through the surface of any roadway bridge deck bridge approach way or other surfaces. Infraspect GPR is a customized GPR solution tuned over years of research and development specifically for infrastructure inspections.

Roadway assessment with gpr

Electromagnetic image of what good fill looks like under a roadway similar to this bridge. This was a clean abutment back wall, a good fill under the roadway with no voids.

Infraspect conducts these inspections for the department of transportation for the same price the DOT currently pays for manual subjective inspections.

Ground penetrating radar of good fill

The safety of our roads and bridges depends on the most thorough Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections. Infraspect spent 6 years in R&D creating state-of-the-art robotic inspections to help inspect and maintain worldwide infrastructures.

Infraspect’s customized GPR interpretation software can provide the detail necessary to properly assess our roadways, keep us safe, keep our spending budgets under control and allow us to extend the life of our roadway infrastructure indefinitely.

Additional GPR Services:

Locate underground utilities
Locate uncompacted gravel
Determine rebar placement
Locate water intrusion
Identify debonding
Locate conduits
Locate underground pipes
Locate post tension tendons
Locate rebar placement
Locate underground voids
Map subsurface conditions
Find faults in post tension tendons