Non-Destructive Testing Services (NDT) Testing

Infraspect’s BridgeScan®

Bridge Deck & Approach Roadway Assessment

Infraspect’s NDT Service will soon replace chain dragging and visual inspections on a bridge deck and approach roadway.

Peers through the road surface
Locates delamination, debonding
Rebar placement
Gravel compactness
Water intrusion & voids
Pricing runs the same as the bi-annual visual inspection

Wire Rope Inspection

Suspender Cable Inspection

Locates section loss in steel cables
Wireless, light weight and portable
No bucket trucks or lane closures required

From suspension bridge cables to cables on flare stacks of oil refineries, bridge suspender cables, and ski lifts, Infraspect’s wire rope inspection service utilizes the latest in NDT services to locate broken lines and areas of concern in wire ropes across the globe.


Post Tension Tendon Inspection


Cable Stay Bridge Inspection Service

UAV Drone Inspections

Drone Inspections


High Mast Light Pole Inspection Service

PoleScan -R

High Mast Light Pole Repair Robot

Infraspect developed NDT equipment that utilizes NDT methods and comprehensive inspection protocols to develop condition assessment reports that provide an action plan to the asset owners. Many of the devices do not require lane closures or heavy equipment.

Replacing manual subjective inspections with modern technology and robotics will help extend the service life of our critical infrastructure assets. Utilizing the latest in NDT services, There are a lot of NDT companies to choose from but none have taken NDT methods to create NDT tools that can provide quantitative data to asset owners worldwide.

Nondestructive methods for inspecting infrastructure are the best way to safely extend the service life of our critical infrastructure assets. Contact us to get a customized webinar on NDT services that will help solve a problem. Infraspect’s NDT equipment is field ready, wireless, and can be shipped with qualified inspectors anywhere in the world.

NDT Services Include:

Magnetic flux leakage (MFL)
Electrical capacitant
Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
Visual inspections and more…

Infraspect covers most of the NDT disciplines in transportation infrastructure but also in Oil & Gas, Wind Farms, Shipping, Aerospace, LNG, Nuclear Power Plants, and more. Contact us with your questions at (888) 423-2136 ext.24.