New Invention Will Change the Way Bridges Are Inspected Worldwide

TendonScan™ is the first of its kind of equipment to locate air, water, and ...
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Proper Post Tension Tendon Inspections Help Prevent Bridge Disasters

Since its initial development, the use of post-tensioned reinforcement has been used to construct ...
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Cable stay bridge inspection

Robotic Engineering Firm Helps Insure Bridge Safety With Robotic Safety Inspections

Helping To Extend The Service Life Of Infrastructure Worldwide Infraspect manufactures its own infrastructure ...
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Bridge inspection with post tension tendon robot

Impact of Deterioration of Post Tensioned Tendons in Bridges

An October 2016 report by the FDOT stated “Recent corrosion failures of post-tensioned (PT) ...
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Construction materials testing

Bridges Supported by Post Tension Tendons Are Made Safer With Robotic Inspections

What is a post-tension tendon? Post-tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. Post-tensioning tendons ...
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Old bridge inspection method

Infraspect Disrupts Transportation Infrastructure With Robotics to Help Save Our Nations Bridges

Introduction Infraspect has disruptive technology that will quickly replace the manual infrastructure inspections conducted ...
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Infraspect team at bridge

How to Save Our Infrastructure

UPDATING 50-Year-Old Antiquated Infrastructure Inspection Methods with Robotics The current methods used to inspect ...
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Robot to inspect bridge

Infraspect Saves Billions in Transportation Funding

Reprinted from Abnewswire release POSTED ON MARCH 16, 2017 Infraspect SAVES BILLIONS IN TRANSPORTATION FUNDING ...
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Funding the nations infrastructure

Funding The Nations Infrastructure

You would certainly think that there are enough tax dollars, toll dollars, gas tax ...
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