Construction materials testing

Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar for Infrastructure Inspection

The ever-growing advancements in the field of construction design using concrete as well as ...
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Bridge inspection

Construction Materials Testing

Quality verification of the construction materials is very important to fulfill the requirements of ...
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Drone inspection

Drone Inspection for Bridges – A Technology for Transformation?

When it comes to bridge inspection, the safety of the inspector and public, as ...
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New harbor bridge

Role of Bridge Inspections in Bridge Maintenance

Role Of Bridge Inspection in Bridge Maintenance A country's Bridges and roadways are its ...
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Partnership with dsi

Infraspect Forms Strategic Partnership With DYWIDAG-Systems International USA (DSI)

Infraspect continues to disrupt the infrastructure inspection markets with modern technology and robotic non-destructive testing ...
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Skyway bridge bridge inspection service

Current Bridge Inspection Methods Vs Infraspect

Bridge inspections are scientific and subjective Finding flaws involves both high-tech and low-tech too. ...
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Bridge collapse

Tens of Thousands of Us Bridges Are Literally Falling Apart

Tens of thousands of US bridges are literally falling apartJeff Rossen and Jovanna BillingtonNBC ...
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Bridge crack detection technology

The Advancement of Bridge Crack Detection Technology

Bridge crack detection utilizing nondestructive testing methods to date has been an unrealized and ...
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Over 65,000 bridges in the us deemed structurally

Over 65,000 Bridges in the Us Deemed Structurally Deficient

An Associated Press analysis of over 600,000 bridges in the federal National Bridge Inventory ...
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