Magnetic flux leakage

The Benefits of Magnetic Flux Leakage

The Benefits Of Magnetic Flux Leakage for bridge inspections and international bridge inspections. All ...
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Guy wire rope inspection

Guy Wire Inspections

What is a "Guy Wire"? If you have ever passed a large broadcast antenna ...
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Post tension tendon inspection

A Post Tension Primer

Post-tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete structures. The prestressing steel cables inside the ...
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Cable stay bridge inspection

How to Inspect a Bridge Using Robotics

Are we using the best technology possible to inspect our bridges and infrastructure? Infraspect ...
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Broadcast tower inspection

Structural Cable Inspections Get an Upgrade

Wire Ropes Cables, which represent between 5 and 8% of the investment of a ...
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Bridge inspections

Magnetic Flux Leakage Sensing-Based Steel Cable NDE Technique

ABSTRACT: A non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of long steel bridge cables is required to avoid ...
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Ground penetrating radar

Updating Bridge Deck & Approach Roadway Inspections Can Save Lives!

Understanding the current condition of our infrastructure is vital in preserving infrastructure assets worldwide. ...
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Post tension tendon inspection service

How to Inspect a Post Tension Tendon

What is a Post-Tensioned Tendon A post-tensioned tendon is a bundle of steel strands ...
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Bridge collapse

Infrastructure Danger Looms

The Problem Current infrastructure inspection methods are archaic, to say the least. To add ...
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