High Mast Light Pole

PoleScan®: Infraspect’s High Mast Light Pole (HMLP) Inspection Services

Taking Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) services to the next level.

Infraspect’s HMLP inspection service takes high-definition video of HMLPs and their components.

This allows an inspector from the comfort of his office to visually see any imperfections in the pole, seams, and luminaries. Infraspect retains a history of the inspections allowing a comparison with each subsequent inspection cycle to determine rates of deterioration over time as well as reporting rust, cracking, or areas that may need immediate attention.

Our advanced assessment shows all of the details required and is much less subjective than current manual inspections. Polescan® provides 100% coverage of the entire HMLP including the pole, seams, and luminaries.

Infraspect’s HMLP Robotic Repair Service

No lane closures
No bucket trucks required
No traffic disruptions
Robotically sands down rust spots
Robotically paints & repairs the HMLP
Makes work order management for mobilization and repairs a breeze

Inspection of HMLP surfaces, seams, luminaries, and more. Stored results offer deterioration progression analysis over time. Better asset management, greater cost controls, and increased public safety.

Hmlp inspection of seam

HMLP Inspection

Portable wireless and lightweight. Travels with two inspectors both experienced in HMLP inspections and on the equipment.

Robotic pole inspection of hmlp joint

HMLP Seam Inspection

HMLP inspection of pole seam, luminaries, and anchor bolts.

High mast light pole inspection-20160

HMLP Luminary Inspection

HMLP robotic inspection of mast arms and luminaries.

For the Comprehensive Inspection and Safety of Our HMLP, Contact Infraspect

Infraspect is a robotic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and NDE inspection company. Infraspect has developed proprietary & patented robotic devices to inspect worldwide infrastructure.

Infraspect specializes in transportation infrastructure and bridge inspections.

Ultrasonic testing of anchor bolts