CrackScan®: Concrete and Bridge Crack Inspection Service

Infraspect’s concrete and bridge crack inspection system allows for the mapping of the length, width and position of cracks on concrete structures. X, Y and Z axis.

By monitoring the progression of the cracks in concrete, we can see the progression of deterioration in concrete and address areas of concern early. Making repairs to these areas of concern will prolong the asset's life, save money, and help to protect public safety.

Infraspect’s condition assessment reports offer a complete mapping of a concrete bridge, bridge deck, or concrete structure. Year over year comparisons of bridge crack progression gives a detailed 2D and 3D mapping of those cracks and progression over time to help manage repairs.

Infraspect’s Bridge Crack Measurement Service – CrackScan™ Inspects Bridge & Concrete Cracks

Bridge crack detection technology
No lane closures required
No traffic disruption or boom lifts
No danger to personnel
More efficient, less expensive & more accurate than current concrete crack inspection services
Safer for the public & inspector
One double blind study with a major engineering firm proved it to be over 1200 times more accurate than current methods
Monitors crack progression over time

Locating cracks early and monitoring crack progression will enable the asset manager to budget for repairs more efficiently and earlier in the asset's life which will ultimately extend that asset's life, saving millions of dollars in replacements as well as helping to keep the asset safe through its lifespan.

Bridge Crack Inspection System 3D & 2D Mapping

Concrete cracks are measured utilizing an X, Y, and Z-axis, the position of the asset as well as the shape and width.

The saved information is translated through our proprietary software to produce a 2D or 3D mapping of the cracks.

Concrete Crack Testing & 3D Mapping

Concrete crack testing & 3d mapping
Concrete crack testing & 3d mapping
Concrete crack testing & 3d mapping


Bridge and concrete cracks are a reflection of the deterioration of concrete structures. Crack propagation leads to water intrusion and further corrosion of the rebar (steel bars) that reinforce the bridge as well as creating a shifting of the compacted gravel, creation of voids, and the overall safety of the structure. By regular inspections using Infraspects concrete crack inspection service, bridge inspections, concrete, steel, and bridge inspections can:

Column inspections and shaft inspections
Create repair schedules with plenty of lead time
Be conducted during the day with no lane closures, traffic disruption or the need to rent expensive equipment or boom trucks
Locate micro cracking
Monitor and track crack progression over time

With Infraspect’s CrackScan™ (Concrete Crack Inspection Service) the asset manager can help the asset owner save money on inspections with a higher degree of accuracy, increase the health and life expectancy of the asset and help ensure the public’s safety.

Infraspect continues to update 50-year-old manual transportation infrastructure inspections with Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Robotics.