ColumnScan® Robotic Screening & Inspections

Robotic Column & Shaft Inspection

Designed to deliver advanced detail of the interior of any column or shaft, Infraspects ColumnScan® delivers a portable, lightweight inspection service that is not only safer for the inspector but provides a new level of detail for the asset owner.

Column and shaft inspections have been conducted manually for years by lowering an inspector down a bridge column or shaft, sometimes with oxygen. Placing an inspector at risk and providing only subjective information for the asset owner. Today’s current inspections can be conducted robotically.

Robotic Screening & Inspection Service

Provides more quantitative data to the asset owner.
Safer for the inspector

New non-destructive testing (NDT) methods that utilize robotics and advanced NDT can better assess shafts and columns than ever before.

With Infraspects ColumnScan®, inspectors can remain outside of the danger zone and inspect a bridge shaft or column with much more detail and accuracy than ever before.

Infraspect has developed advanced robotic column and shaft inspections to provide more quantitative data in a safer manner. All inspections exceed FHWA and AASHTO protocols for NBI inspections.

Use Cases

Bridge column inspections
Column inspection (robotic)
Shaft inspections
Mining shaft inspection service
Hydro electric dam inspections
Safer for the inspector
Provides more quantitative data.