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Bureau veritas

Bureau Veritas (BVI;BVVBY) 

Bureau Veritas is the world leader in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) market across the broad sweep of the global economy.  With more than 75,000 employees in 140 countries worldwide, Bureau Veritas engages in the provision of compliance evaluation and certification services in the fields of quality, health and safety, security, environment, and social responsibility in such diverse industries as Marine and Offshore, Heavy Industry, Agri-Food and Commodities, Buildings and Infrastructure, and Consumer Products. BV’s reputation for integrity, built over 194 years of successful operations, is best-in-class and sets the global standard in the TIC profession.


About the Infraspect-Bureau Veritas Alliance:

Infraspect’s landmark proprietary technologies are offered exclusively under a long-term cooperation agreement between Infraspect and Bureau Veritas.  The teaming of Infraspect’s intellectual property with BV’s unrivaled inspection capabilities creates an unparalleled application for inspection, reporting, and preservation of critical public and industrial infrastructure.


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