Broadcast Tower Inspection Service

A robotic non-destructive guy wire and wire rope inspection service has been developed to produce condition assessments of the corrosive condition of wire ropes in flare stack guy wires, broadcast and radio Towers as well as other wire ropes used to support various infrastructure assets.

Robotic wire rope inspection service
Portable, wireless, and accurate
Locates loss of metallic area and corrosive pitting on the steel strands.

No Need to Power Down or Risk Men at Height

These videos look at 360 degrees of the guy wire to locate anomalies on the exterior of the wire rope.

Portable, Wireless, Robotic

Infraspect robotic wire rope inspection services utilize Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) to peer through the external High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheathing to locate loss of metallic area and corrosive pitting inside the guy or any wire rope.

The service also videos the external cable to locate anomalies on the outside of the cable.

Magnetic flux leakage

Manual Inspection Service

Tower inspection
  • Manual and subjective
  • Dangerous for the inspector
  • Can only inspect visible areas that they catch

Robotic NDT Inspection Service

Broadcast tower inspection
  • Robotic, wireless, potable, and accurate
  • Inspects 360 degrees of the entire cable
  • Locates/corrosion

Issues With Wire Rope

Infraspect’s RopeScan® is an advanced NDT service that updates today's manual subjective inspections with advanced robotics and software. By monitoring deterioration progression over time, asset owners will know when to replace their wire rope to keep their infrastructure assets safe.

We inspect:

  • Broadcast tower guy wires
  • Flare stack guy wires
  • Cranes ropes, hoists, pully’s
  • Bridge cables and tendons

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