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Cable stay bridge inspections

Cable-Stayed Bridges although similar in appearance to a suspension bridge are actually quite different. Cable stay bridges are faster to build, more cost-effective, and best for bridges from 500 to 3000 feet. A cable-stayed bridge has cables that run directly from the towers to the road. The weight of the road deck of a cable-stayed bridge is balanced on each side of its towers evenly and does not need anchors or anchor blocks like a suspension bridge. Here are some amazing cable-stayed bridges.

Cable-Stayed Bridges

Ponte Vasco Da Gama Bridge Lisbon Portugal

Cable stay bridge inspections

Vasco Da Gama Bridge crosses the Tagus River north of Lisbon.

Total Length: 10.7mi. Height 509ft. Built-in 1995.

Millau Viaduct, River Tarn Franc

Cable stay bridge inspections

Millau Viaduct crosses River Tarn in France Connects Millau-Creissels France. Length Approx. 1.5miles. Height 1,125 Feet. Built-in 2001. This bridge boasts the 15 highest bridge decks in the world.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Cable stay bridge inspections

Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses Tampa Bay, Florida. The length is 1.1 miles. Height is 174 feet. Originally built in 1954, collapsed in 1980, and was rebuilt in 1987.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Cable stay bridge inspections

The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid Cable-Stayed/Suspension Bridge. It connects Manhattan to Brooklyn NY by spanning the East River. It has a length of 5,989 ft and sits 276.5 feet over the water. It was built in 1883. The Brooklyn Bridge’s history and construction are one of the most interesting you will read about. From renting out the bridge anchorages to a wine distributor to help fund the bridge, (they remained at a constant 60 degrees) to its construction spanning 14 years with 600 workers and two dozen deaths.

Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement (Expected Opening 2018)

Cable stay bridge inspections

Connecting South Nyack NY to Westchester County NY. Costs $3.9 billion dollars. Length is approximately 16,013 feet and it sits 138 feet over the water. The bridge is approximately 25 miles from midtown Manhattan and will have a toll of approximately $15.00 for travelers. This is New York States’ longest bridge.

Infraspect is a non-destructive testing company that utilizes state-of-the-art patented technology to inspect bridges, providing condition assessment reports that identify areas of concern that if attended to in a timely manner will help extend the life of the structure, and ensure its safety to the public and save billions in pre-mature bridge replacement.

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Infraspect is a complex bridge inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), and robotic engineering company. Infraspect utilizes advanced non-destructive testing and robotic technology to produce condition assessment reports that determine the condition and deterioration of today’s infrastructure.

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