About Us

Updating Antiquated Infrastructure Inspections with Robotics

Infraspect has taken Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technologies that have been utilized for over 30 years combined with robotic and specialized software to develop robotic infrastructure inspection services that far surpass today’s manual subjective inspections.

Most inspections today are manual in nature and thus provide subjective results. If 10 different inspectors inspected than you would receive 10 different results. Infraspect provides a tool that allows for more quantitative data over more of the structure in a safer manner.

Infraspect team at bridge

The Way It’s Done Today

Limited data
Road closures
Limited field of view
Subjective results

The Way Forward With Infraspect

Improved safety
No lane closures
360 degree field of view
Quantitative results
Major cost savings!

Infraspect’s robotic infrastructure inspections provide a condition assessment report that allow the asset owner to better manage budgets for maintenance and repairs as well as immediately attend to critical infrastructure issues.