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Pioneering the Data-Driven Science of Bridge Health

How is Infraspect Revolutionizing American Infrastructure?

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Catches Bridge Corrosion in the Early Stages

Infraspect uses an advanced Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology to perform non-destructive testing on bridges. The system is designed to pinpoint signs of degradation on the structure’s internal components before they result in costly repairs.

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Develops Monitoring System for Corrosion Inspections

The technology behind Infraspect delivers precise, data-driven assessments that catch every nonconformity within the structure of the bridge – and provides insight into what actions are needed to be proactive in maintaining infrastructures.

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Eliminates Guesswork

Traditional bridge inspection methods (like visual tests and hammer taps) do not provide an accurate assessment of structural integrity – and appropriate action is not always clear. Infraspect moves beyond these practices by providing objective data analysis that leaves nothing open to human error.

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Provides Actionable Insights

The inspector can analyze the data from the Infraspect system and present the findings to the asset owner. This examination helps the respective party stay ahead of risks and manage resources more effectively.

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Reduces Gray Areas in Monitoring

Precise monitoring of bridges is impossible without a 360-degree view of the structure. The Infraspect system examines the inner and outer layers of bridges on a granular level to eliminate unknowns and uncertainties.

The Infraspect Vision

Safety-First Approach

Public safety is the number one priority for states and municipalities. We designed Infraspect to help government organizations and private asset owners reduce liability and guarantee the structural integrity of bridges for all.

Reduce the High Costs of Damage Control

Infrastructure problems should always be managed with foresight – never in hindsight. The Infraspect system was created to help organizations detect, analyze, and mitigate risks long before expensive repairs are needed.

Avoid Major Shutdowns

Road and bridge closures create a plethora of problems within cities. With Infraspect, these issues are addressed in their infancy stages to avoid significant shutdowns and maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

What Do State and Municipalities Gain from Infraspect?

States and municipalities are held to guidelines for visual inspection processes by the Federal Highway Administration. Infraspect meets – and exceeds – these requirements, eliminating the risk of fines and threats to public safety.

Infraspect is instrumental in helping states and municipalities manage budgets efficiently and reduce dependence on federal resources. The data-driven system works to improve confidence from the federal government – which may assist in securing more funding.

The proactive nature of the Infraspect system works to eliminate issues that lead to safety concerns, damage control, and loss of life.

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About Infraspect: How It Works

Infraspect uses a proven combination of Non-Destructive Testing technologies, robotics, and specialized software.

The MFL technology scans every component of the structure. If there are any broken wires within the magnetized steel, a flux is created. This flux is measured and converted to a percentage of loss to assess the damage – then determine the proper action.

The system goes above and beyond manual testing processes, which generally provide subjective results. These antiquated tests rely on visual inferences and limited data.

Manual Inspections

Little to no data
Often create road closures
Limited field of view
Unreliable results
Subjective interpretation of inspection data

The Future with Infraspect

Improved safety
Precise data analysis
Complete field of view
Quantitative results
Major cost savings!
Non-subjective interpretation of inspection data


Bill seavey

Bill Seavey, Vice President of Engineering and Executive Vice President

Bill Seavy founded Infrastructure Preservation Corporation, which was subsequently acquired by Infraspect, a TFIC Company, to identify deterioration within today’s infrastructure’s critical assets. 

Bill has sixteen years of non-destructive testing experience, advanced NDT in magnetic flux leakage, condition assessment on steel and concrete structures to identify levels of deterioration – as well as remote structure health and environmental monitoring. 

The mission at Infraspect is to make infrastructure safer, help government and private organizations manage resources more effectively, and provide a new approach to remote monitoring. 

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